MicroContainerFramework installation guide

Using .msi installation package

You only need to run the .msi package and select folder in which MicroContainer files should be places. Installer will automatically copy necessary files to PostSharp PlugIns folder so you don't have to do it yourself.

Using binaries package

If you don't want to use .msi package or it (for some reason) doesn't work for you (in that case I will be happy to hear about your problems) you can install MicroContainer manually.

First of all you should install PostSharp plug-in. To do this just copy following files:
  • MicroContainer.CompileTime.dll
  • MicroContainer.dll
  • MicroContainer.psplugin
to PlugIns folder of your PostSharp installation.

You also have the PostSharp.Public.dll file copied somewhere because you will have to reference it

Using source package

The most difficult way to install MicroContainer is that using source package (either from release or directly from source control system).

First step is to build MicroContainer solution. It contains MicroContainer project which is required to build MicroContainer.CompileTime. You may need to copy MicroContainer.dll file or modify the reference to this dll in .CompileTime project. Next step is to build the .CompileTime project. After that you shoud have following files in the bin directory:
  • MicroContainer.CompileTime.dll
  • MicroContainer.dll
  • MicroContainer.psproj
You should copy them to PlugIns folder of your PostSharp installation.

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